VCO Systems: Injecting Efficiency into Order Fulfillment

VCO Systems: Injecting Efficiency into Order Fulfillment

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Vikrant Angia, CEO, VCO SystemsVikrant Angia, CEO
A warehouse manager receives 100 supply orders and his associates swing into action to fulfill them. Typically, an associate walks down multiple aisles to pick up products and fulfill an order. Sounds conventional and tedious practice, right? For quicker order fulfillment, businesses need a novel approach since 70 percent of the cost of running a warehouse is typically spent in the Picking Process–because of long walk times, tedious paper-based Packing Lists and/or bulky RF guns with barcode scanning. At this juncture, what retail and manufacturing supply chains require is light-directed solutions for multiple process flows that bring about efficiency and enhanced productivity.

For enterprises who look forward to using the latest technology stack that overcomes the complexities of the fast-changing omnichannel experience and associated total supply chain costs, VCO Systems is indisputably their best bet. VCO Systems’ light directed solutions enable warehouse managers to batch pick the required inventory and fulfill 100 orders all at once resulting in increased picking efficiency and quicker order fulfillment. VCO Systems has developed putwalls, pick to light, put to light, and pick/put carts systems to head on challenges in supply chain management. “Our highly-flexible solutions address the needs of every warehouse, managing their supply chain effectively, and optimizing performance in an unpredictable environment. At VCO Systems, we help our clients cater to the needs of a rapidly changing consumer marketplace,” says Vikrant Angia, CEO of VCO Systems. “Clients have succeeded in increasing efficiency by 70 percent using our light solutions, while also boosting productivity, and improving management of seasonal capacity surges.” Backed by the firm’s experience in supply chain consulting, strategy formulation, and solution implementation, clients can experience a seamless transition towards cutting-edge technology.

Governed by the mission to deliver the highest-quality supply chain services and solutions, VCO Systems’ light solutions are flexible to use across multiple process flows without dedicating a permanent footprint in the Warehouse. First off, the solutions can be used with multiple concurrent users. “The clients can have as many users as they want on the solution at the same time, which multiplies the productivity by two, three or even four times,” adds Angia.

Our light directed solutions are designed to be reused for multiple process flows to maximize usage and allows for easy re-location in the warehouse to fulfill rapidly changing fulfillment demands

Secondly, using WiFi connectivity and powered by batteries, users can access all solutions on the move. The solution is built on a framework with REST-styled stateless web services and interacts with its devices through industry-standard IoT protocols. The hardware automatically syncs with the Application on startup providing for seamless operation even if power is lost during battery replacement.

Thirdly, the most critical aspect of the solutions is their modularity. Warehouse Managers and Fulfillment Directors can utilize the right combination of carts for multiple process flows. The solution allows users to put together carts to be used as a putwall for Orders with longer fulfillment times. Users can also split up and use pick/put carts for cluster picking of inventory for Hot Orders with shorter fulfillment times OR batch picking of Inventory to feed inventory to downstream putwalls for Order deconsolidation. Carts can also be used for phased/sequenced picking of inventory for product kitting in Manufacturing Assembly Lines. With these systems, users can undertake cluster picking, batch picking, retail store replenishment, putwalls, and other supply chain process flows.

Light-directed solutions by VCO Systems are easy to integrate with WMS, ERP, Packaging and other systems, injecting efficiency into supply chains of numerous businesses from manufacturing, retail, and pharma industries. Already recognized as one of the top 100 Supply Chain Pros to Know, VCO Systems aims to continue its success in addressing the rapidly changing fulfillment demands with its suite of flexible light directed solutions.