Demand Solutions: Integrated Supply Chain Suite to Drive Business Growth

Demand Solutions: Integrated Supply Chain Suite to Drive Business Growth

Bill Harrison, President, Demand SolutionsBill Harrison, President
The age-old mantra of “do more with less” still rings true, but it has a few new wrinkles. Companies are thinking globally as they seek to trim expenses out of every stage of their manufacturing and distribution processes.

But who’s driving the biggest decisions about building the global relationships and processes that can save money? In short, just about everyone. Embracing the principles of integrated business planning (IBP), manufacturers and distributors are involving a greatly expanded team of participants in supply chain planning. To build viable, sustainable IBP practices, though, companies have to stop relying on spreadsheets and departmental databases and start collaborating on a greater scale.

That’s where the frustration often arises. Today’s manufacturers and distributors are tired of using point solutions that don’t talk to their other business systems—or that can only be coaxed into talking after a long, painful, and costly integration process involving a team of consultants. Companies are equally sick of implementing the so-called supply chain planning modules their ERP vendors provide, only to discover that although these modules are integrated with other business areas, they’re also missing key features for the modern supply chain.

Demand Solutions has spent nearly three decades giving manufacturers and distributors another choice. The software vendor delivers the specialized supply chain planning today’s companies need, but designs its solutions to be easy to integrate with other systems. Demand Solutions also provides the training IT teams need to perform and maintain integrations themselves. Just as importantly, the company listens to the input of its customers and implements their best suggestions into each new release.

The company’s flagship product, Demand Solutions DSX, is an integrated suite of supply chain planning applications that runs on a single database. Companies may deploy their suite in the cloud (SaaS) so that their stakeholders can log on from anywhere to provide their input on the direction of the business. Companies that want a greater level of control over their applications and hardware can deploy the full suite on-premises.

Within the product suite, Demand Solutions Forecast Management delivers powerful demand planning and inventory planning functionality, as well as insight on the overall health of the business. Demand Solutions Requirements Planning, as supply planning application, makes it easy to optimize inventory and increase customer service levels.

Demand Solutions Sales and Operations Planning helps transform the well-established discipline of S&OP from a data collection task into a dynamic activity that ultimately drives production and sales. As a result, executives can spend less time reacting to problems and more time pursuing new business opportunities.

Demand Solutions’ competitive advantage stems from the company’s strategic decision to rebuild its entire product platform to work equally well in on-premises and SaaS deployments. “This decision has not only helped us streamline future development, but also given us a clear advantage in terms of customer satisfaction,” remarks Bill Harrison, President, Demand Solutions.

For instance, Mizuno USA, a leading supplier of sporting goods, deployed Demand Solutions DSX to move all of its offline processes into Demand Solutions DSX Forecast Management and Requirements Planning. As a result, Mizuno USA employees in a variety of roles now have far greater forecasting ability. By creating a centralized view of demand through Demand Solutions DSX, Mizuno USA effectively addressed its top business challenges while also increasing customer satisfaction.

With customers spread across 78 countries, Demand Solutions always strives to innovate and achieve new levels of excellence. “We always let customer needs drive our product development to deliver great value,” concludes Harrison.