Artsyl Technologies: Improving Operations with Digital Transformation and AP Automation

Artsyl Technologies: Improving Operations with Digital Transformation and AP Automation

In the context of a manufacturing environment, digital transformation predominantly pertains to both the extraction of unstructured data “trapped” in documents, transforming it into computer-useable structured data, and how data extraction techniques can be used to revamp and automate business processes. The founders of Artsyl Technologies laid the cornerstone for the company with this precise objective.

“Intelligent Data capture has always been our primary focus,” says Jeffrey Moore, Chief Sales Officer and partner of Artsyl Technologies, “Additionally, our value proposition to our customers takes into account the processing of captured data.”

Moore says that a lack of awareness is a main reason why many organizations still use legacy paper-based trails. Through content capture technologies, Artsyl extracts data from images like material test reports, invoices, and customer sales orders and automatically posts the information to Line of Business applications, such as ERP, WMS, and inventory management systems.

For manufacturing businesses, managing invoices and maintaining records of transactions has to be done promptly to achieve maximum benefit and avoid losses. Artsyl leverages automation to intelligently handle data capture, extraction, classification and routing for better productivity, visibility, and control.

Artsyl offers a transformation platform that automates invoice processing, data entry, approval routing, and payable transactions. By leveraging this platform, along with easy-to-implement smart process applications from Artsyl, enterprises can manage business processes involving documents such as customer sales orders, supplier invoices, remittances and expense receipts in order to approve and validate documents. This not only reduced the resources required to perform such tasks but also boosted the operational efficiency by streamlining the approval process or validating the information against different data sources.

Based on a modern, no-code architecture, the Artsyl platform is easily implementable and configurable. Where most other solution providers require weeks or even months, Artsyl’s system takes only days to be set up. Enterprises can easily plug in and automate capturing invoices from multiple sources, to extract data. The company’s state-of-the-art platform provides functionality for accounts payable (AP) invoice, customer sales orders, remittances and expense receipt processing with automated data collection and robotic process applications.

Intelligent Data capture has always been our primary focus. Our value proposition to our customers takes into account the processing of captured data as well

In one instance,Artsyl proved its proficiency by assisting Leatherman Tool Group, an Oregon-based manufacturer of high-quality multi-tools. The main challenge faced by Leatherman was that their ERP system and supporting workflow automation were quite traditional, requiring additional coding and customization. Artsyl provided Leatherman with their robotic process automation platform, docAlpha, and allowed them to capture invoices through e-mail and scanning.

The platform also automatically classified the documents based on the appropriate data fed into the AP module. Providing higher visibility into the process, as well as compliance, reduces errors and exceptions while boosting efficiency. The end-to-end automated AP process not only assisted Leatherman in handling business growth, but also eliminated the need to add additional resources for accounts payable processing.

Looking into the future, Artsyl is planning to advance its machine learning capabilities and providing robust analytics and reporting capabilities. Moreover, the company is striving forward to provide visual data references which will help enterprises make better, data-driven decisions, faster.

Artsyl’s focus on no-code technology reduces IT costs by making it easy to implement, while driving out inefficiencies through automation.

The company is exploring its ventures in several other areas of businesses including corporate finance, human resources, and quality management automation within the manufacturing industry.