AIMMS: Self-Service Supply Chain Analytics

AIMMS: Self-Service Supply Chain Analytics

Chris Gordon, VP, Product Management, AIMMSChris Gordon, VP, Product Management
AIMMS is a forward-thinking software platform provider democratizing the use of prescriptive analytics so that everyone is self-enabled to make better decisions. For three decades, the company has been a trusted provider of prescriptive analytics solutions, optimizing the supply chain of customers like Shell, Unilever, BP, Johnson & Johnson, and Dow. "Analytics has a lot of potential to optimize supply chain operations by crunching vast amounts of data," remarks Chris Gordon, VP, Product Management, AIMMS. Supply chain professionals have business skills to run operations, but they often lack technical skills to use analytics tools, which tend to be complicated and time-consuming. This lack of technical know-how makes them dependent on traditional dashboards, which are inefficient to use and nearly impossible to scale as business needs change. AIMMS has an answer to this predicament. The company offers a supply chain analytics solution that supply chain professionals can configure and use with ease, without the need for technical skills, scarce data science resources or expensive consultants.

AIMMS SC Navigator is an analytics platform that understands and speaks the business language of the supply chain. Users can configure Applications by answering business questions in a survey-like interface. Configured in a matter of hours, SC Navigator Apps can then be used to uncover hidden opportunities, fast-track mission-critical decisions, and optimize overall supply chain operations. “These unique question-driven expérience makes it easy to format your data and configure your analytics Apps so you can get started quickly and realize the benefits of insightful prescriptive analytics without having a technical background,” explains Gordon. “No need to wait weeks or months to get the answers you need. You can begin using it right away.” The platform enables users to build multiple apps on a single platform and leverage a common data set to solve diverse supply chain problems.

S&OP Navigator, part of the AIMMS SC Navigator platform, enables users to create a strategy for supply planning and new product introductions and compare multiple scenarios. They can manage assumptions at the product or customer and commercial levels, align capacity and supply planning, and leverage the power of embedded prescriptive analytics to identify supply chain processes that should evolve or be modified.

A self-service supply chain analytics platform to help your team solve problems and uncover opportunities, providing more breakthroughs from more people

Through advanced mathematical optimization engines, AIMMS gives recommendations to meet objectives such as maximal revenue, minimal cost, and optimal service. For example, SC Navigator can help organizations:

• Identify growing, declining and stable customers to help identify where to spend resources and flag large customers with declining revenue

• Decide whether a product should be made in one location or multiple locations by factoring in transportation costs, location of production facilities and customers

• Understand which products are high-margin or low-margin products and make recommendations for sales and production planning to optimize EBITDA

• Analyze plant utilization relative to capacity and identify opportunities for improving facility efficiency.

SC Navigator also includes Apps for production, warehousing, and supply chain network optimization. AIMMS believes that Application development and improving user experience are paramount to make clients successful. That’s why the company is committed to developing and adding new features and application to its platform and offers them within the same subscription fee.

Recently, a large manufacturing company wanted to optimize their sales and operations process. They used AIMMS to refine supply chain planning and improve strategic decision-making. Thanks to AIMMS, the client was able to improve their planning accuracy by 70 percent and increase their overall margins. They now have more productive, insightful planning meetings. The analytics foster collaboration across functions and better business decisions.