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POOL4TOOL: All-in-One Supplier Collaboration Platform

Wolfgang Winstel, CEO, POOL4TOOLWolfgang Winstel, CEO
Many manufacturing organizations over the last decade have deployed sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for better results. However, while agile and sustainable supply chains are vital to these companies, the purchasing departments still largely manage their day-to-day operations and the exchange of information between themselves and their supply base via traditional methods—i.e., by sending offline documents via email. To provide an integrated and automated environment, POOL4TOOL, a Michigan-based software provider—offers an All-In- One Supplier Collaboration Platform. “POOL4TOOL is a cloud-based comprehensive platform with 40 sophisticated modules for purchasing and their adjacent departments that is also cost-effective and time-saving,” says Wolfgang Winstel, CEO, POOL4TOOL America, LLC.

Established in 2001, the company specializes in providing solutions for manufacturing organizations. “We focus on the manufacturing industries and our modules include tool-based purchasing and sourcing operations where buyers can ensure they procure their direct materials at the best price from the best suppliers,” opines Winstel. An important aspect is the capability to integrate with the client’s ERP system in order to handle the seamless transfer of the material master, vendor master, and other data and allow for the automatic transmission of documents. “If needed POOL4TOOL can also connect with multiple ERP systems and map the records of the different data bases in one consolidated view,” states Winstel.

Key to the platform is its eSourcing Portal. The platform offers the necessary capabilities to perform Requests for Quotation (RFQ) which suppliers receive and answer via a supplier portal. An important feature for clients in the manufacturing industries is the support for complex cost breakdowns. A direct material request for quotation will often require extensive information. The ability to process all of this, conduct background calculations, present a comparison of bids to the buyer—and even allow the development and analysis of multiple scenarios for planning purposes—is essential for effective decision making.

POOL4TOOL is a cloud-based comprehensive platform with sophisticated modules for purchasing and their adjacent departments that is cost-effective and time-saving

Another key aspect is the Supply Chain Management (SCM) portal, which includes a Purchasing Order Management (POM) module that plays a major role in managing customers’ manufacturing and supply chain operations. The module handles the purchasing order process and optimizes the workflow during transactions. POOL4TOOL seamlessly integrates with the clients’ ERP system and also provides a supplier portal, forming an integrated system that makes manual data and document transfer unnecessary. “We connect clients and their suppliers effortlessly and enable them to integrate their operations,” delineates Winstel.

The POOL4TOOL SCM portal offers Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connections in two ways. Classic EDI, which allows customers to build one-to-one EDI connections with their suppliers and Web EDI, which allows the suppliers to log on and see or create documents in an easy to operate graphical user interface.

Finally, Winstel highlights the case of an automotive supplier. The client has 25 buyers charged with managing the purchase requisitions of 250+ engineers. Their challenges included receiving requisition information in the form of countless spreadsheets and documents, which then had to be manually sent to suppliers—using emails for price requests. “Since the client implemented our POOL4TOOL platform, all three parties, the engineers, the buyers, and the suppliers are now on one platform and all operations are performed automated and online, saving time and providing a faster sourcing process while avoiding errors,” explains Winstel.

Forging ahead, POOL4TOOL will extend their eSourcing capabilities by providing a comparison of bid price points with market index data, and leverage big data analytics functionality—improving insight into spend and performance. “We will continue to focus on providing an all-in-one solution with enhanced features and modules,” concludes Winstel.