OneTouchPoint: Reducing Time-to-Customer through Streamlined Delivery Processes

OneTouchPoint: Reducing Time-to-Customer through Streamlined Delivery Processes

Tim Enright, VP-Sales, OneTouchPointTim Enright, VP-Sales
Marketing Supply Chain Management (SCM) has evolved to become an important facet of the manufacturing sector and includes operations such as the creation, production, warehousing, mailing, and delivery of marketing materials. Companies without robust SCM processes can face a host of challenges including rising costs, customer dissatisfaction, and even reputational damage. “While, many CIOs see the need for SCM many don’t know where to start or find it difficult to implement in a marketing environment,” evinces Christie Kimbell, Vice President of Marketing, OneTouchPoint. Vendor Managed inventory is one way companies are addressing these challenges, resulting in inventory cost reduction and streamlined processes via outsourcing. Capitalizing on this trend is the Hartland, WI-based company, OneTouchPoint that offers a suite of marketing communication solutions which enable manufacturers to simplify and eliminate inefficiencies in their marketing supply chain. “Our robust set of SCM solutions ensures delivery of the right message at the right time through the right channels, reducing cost and time-to-market,” says Tim Enright, VP of Sales.

OneTouchPoint’s anchor product, ‘U.Connect’ is a modular, integrated business communication solution that administers complete marketing SCM operations and enables personalized cross-media marketing campaigns. Acting as a central repository, the solution can store, access, and utilize digital content thereby offering centralized oversight of marketing assets. U.Connect’s on-demand ordering system also enables manufacturers to create orders and obtain marketing materials, right when they require it. “The efficiency of our on-demand ordering system supports OneTouchPoint’s belief—‘Don’t produce until something is needed,” says Tim.

Our robust set of SCM solutions ensures delivery of the right message at the right time through the right channels—reducing cost and time-to-market

The production process is further complemented by the solution’s ability to track inventory levels on a real time basis as they move towards the fulfillment phase. “Valuable insights are provided through an online interface that easily allows management to track activity,” says Christie.

OneTouchPoint is known for its success in reducing time-to-customer by thoroughly eliminating production waste in the distribution of technical publications and documents. “We leverage our large digital production platform to cost effectively produce 10,000 pieces or a quantity of 1,” asserts Christie. She continues, “Since we support multi-channel output our customers can also pick the most cost effective delivery option.”

Highlighting OneTouchPoint’s expertise, Tim recounts an instance when a major national medical device manufacturer with business spanning Europe, Mexico, Asia and U.S. deployed the firm’s cutting-edge solutions and services to streamline and lessen their document printing cost. “The client was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars creating product documentation in multiple languages,” says Tim. Using U.Connect’s, OneTouchPoint was able to see that 90 percent of the document’s usage was primarily in the U.S. Consequently, OneTouchPoint recommended the creation of a standalone English language version which eliminated 16 printed pages saving the company over $350,000 a year.

Looking forward, Christie states, “Our deep manufacturing experience gives us an initimate understanding of manufacturers’ pain points—and provides the basis for our U.Connect solution. We will continue to look for ways to reduce costs and improve the customer experience.”