OM Partners: Orchestrating the Supply Chain Theater

OM Partners: Orchestrating the Supply Chain Theater

Philip Vervloesem, Senior Vice  President, OM PartnersPhilip Vervloesem, Senior Vice President
Supply chain excellence is often seen as a gauge to measure organizational efficiency levels and economic stability. With production processes spread across various regions, manufacturing companies need to understand the dynamics of supply chain management. However, many organizations are still struggling with the complexities impacting the visibility of end-to-end supply chain processes. The chasm between a firm’s expectations and true capability creates new opportunities for the decision makers. OM Partners, with its head office in Belgium, addresses these difficulties by providing solutions that enhance end-to-end supply chain visibility and serve as a single system of record for all planning functions across the different levels of the supply chain.

Since its inception in the year 1985, OM Partners has undergone significant transitions from being a provider of a mathematical programming toolbox to emerging as a leading vendor in an integrated suite of professional services and software solutions for strategic, tactical, and operational supply chain planning. OM Partners is known as a true disruptor for being innovative and providing a variety of technical solutions and services across industries. “Our globally offered services enable our customers to achieve unprecedented benefits in their solution implementations and exceed their planning needs,” says Philip Vervloesem, Senior Vice President, OM Partners.

OM Partners infuses the latest technological trends in their global cloud-based scalable platform to address the needs of multi-national companies operating in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer, mill products, paper, and corrugated industries. The OMP Plus solution covers multiple supply chain planning areas, with end-to-end integration. OMP Plus also acts as a system of record with a common, in-memory integrated data model for optimal performance and scalable architecture. It inks instant collaboration between all participants in the supply chain, guaranteeing supply chain optimization.

Anita Van  Looveren, Managing Director, OM PartnersAnita Van Looveren, Managing Director
Additionally, OMP Plus engages to guide its user community in providing agile responses to disruptions in multiple dimensions of their supply chain through intuitive decision views. This offering is bestowed with the ability to perform state-of-the-art optimization to maximize margin, profit or other objectives in sync with customer’s business strategy. The firm’s cloud based technology tools are an asset to the customers in the times when they are actively engaged in outsourcing IT needs and future-proofing IT infrastructure.

OM Partners has gathered remarkable success by helping customers exceed their objectives by implementing viable tools and solutions for supply chain planning, scheduling, forecasting, MEIO (Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization), S & OP (Sales and Operations Planning), network design and more. For instance, Huntsman Chemical, a manufacturer of polyurethanes, pigments, additives, and composites was seeking solutions that help integrate various functions in the planning cycle. Upon implementing OMP Plus, Huntsman was able to achieve an integrated planning cycle, allowing them to make decisions across different planning levels. The success stories of the firm add credence to its unique belief in nurturing innovative talent of its workforce. “We invest 25 percent of our yearly revenue on research and development projects and also conduct the OMP Innovation Challenge to promote innovation,” outlines Anita Van Looveren, Managing Director, OM Partners. With a firm conviction to stay in sync with the latest market trends, OM Partners is set to release a new range of services and products in collaboration with its partners. The company plans to forge forward by expanding locations to cope with the global supply chain market.