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JDA Software: Driving Global Innovation in Supply Chain

Girish Rishi, CEO, JDA SoftwareGirish Rishi, CEO
Today, manufacturers are demanding a higher visibility across their supply chain network, along with increased demand volatility and business velocity. This calls for advanced supply chain planning and management solutions, connecting data, people, and processes, to maintain balance between efficiency and cost reduction strategies. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, JDA Software offers end-to-end supply chain planning and execution solutions that help enterprises to streamline operations, effectively manage supply chain activities, and improve profitability.

According to Girish Rishi, CEO, JDA Software, customers are undergoing enormous change with omni-channel, global supply chain and automation at the edge with a trend towards the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, and analytics. Powered by these core technologies, JDA is building solution capabilities that can transform the SCM ecosystem and accelerate efficiency. As the recently appointed CEO, Rishi brings his industry-wide expertise and capabilities in both emerging and established technology companies to JDA. “I look forward to build upon JDA’s demonstrated innovation and solutions capabilities, as we leverage our partner ecosystem to best serve our customers.”

As a part of revolutionizing SCM space, JDA’s seamless supply chain planning solution is aggressively addressing the complexities that exist in today’s consumer-driven marketplace. Their industry leading manufacturing panning solution offers a one single platform across diverse supply chain activities such as operations planning, demand, inventory and supply planning, order promising, production scheduling, procurement and cross-enterprise collaboration. JDA enables organizations to build one globally synchronized plan that senses and responds profitably and quickly to both supply and demand volatility, resulting in customer satisfaction and higher profit.

Also, “Our adaptable manufacturing strategy allows companies to maximize return on invested capital by staying agile and flexible in the face of high demand volatility, while staying resilient and responsive to supply disruptions,” says Puneet Saxena, VP, Manufacturing Planning, JDA Software.

Customers are undergoing enormous change with omni-channel, global supply chain and automation at the edge with a trend towards the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility and analytics

Apart from manufacturing planning solution, JDA also offers supply chain solution to third party logistics and wholesale distribution industry. To gain a competitive edge in the consumer demand, manufacturers today are focusing at third-party logistics provider (3PLs). Accordingly, JDA has developed a six-step “roadmap” for helping 3PLs to deliver more strategic relationships with their customers.

Furthermore, JDA’s solutions enable enterprises to achieve ROI in less time with lower risks. For instance, JDA’s latest SaaS offering, JDA Stratus delivers industries best cloud services that are user-friendly and meet core business needs. Besides that, the company offers JDA Cloud connect—an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service—that consolidates clients’ information with their partners and provides visibility to key information that enables them to make better decisions.

Setting a paradigm trend in the supply chain landscape through their ‘one workflow view’ platform and with right tools, over the years, JDA has assisted retailers, manufacturers, logistics providers, and wholesale distributors. For instance, Pernod Ricard, a French company that makes distilled beverages, implemented JDA’s advanced supply planning solutions to increase operational efficiency, forecast accuracy, deployment of sales and operations planning process.

In the near future, JDA Software aims to seamlessly connect customers with supply chain and digital planning. For over 30 years, the company has been helping numerous organizations around the globe to streamline workflows, reduce costs, increase profitability, and improve collaboration. “Our solutions help customers thrive in an ever-changing, omni-channel world by empowering associates across the manufacturing supply chain to easily and collaboratively manage complex processes and deliver profitable results.” concludes Saxena.