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CTSI-Global: End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions

Connecting all facets of physical, financial, and informational supply chains within one global database is the key to CTSI-Global’s service offering of end-to-end supply chain solutions. Manufacturers are able to boost their transportation visibility, eliminate redundant processes, manage KPIs, and lower their logistics costs. The company’s dedicated business analysts support clients and their carriers with day-to-day questions as well as all-inclusive business reviews. CTSI-Global also acts as a 4th party logistics provider, empowering 3PLs to expand their expert services for their own clients in a robust, scalable way. CTSI-Global’s end-to-end supply chain solutions include a SaaS-based transportation management system (TMS), freight audit and payment services (FAP), business intelligence (BI), and strategic consulting.

CTSI-Global’s TMS automates manual processes for planning and executing shipments, including managing orders, optimizing loads, selecting the best carriers for the job, tendering shipments, manifesting parcel, tracking shipments, and managing claims. “There are many TMS providers, but our basket of services helps our clients in the logistics arena by providing end-to-end solutions. We have a larger array of services than any of our competitors in the logistics industry,” says Ken Hazen, President and CEO of CTSI-Global.

CTSI-Global’s Freight Audit and Payment experts manage contracts, audit bills, allocate charges, make payments, and report the results to ensure timely payment while mitigating losses to overcharges. The company has been in the business of auditing freight bills since 1957 and has become the world’s largest privately owned freight bill audit and payment services provider. CTSI-Global’s 45-point audit process results in savings, typically of 3-5 percent.

Business Intelligence solutions empower users to drill down into their data through KPI dashboards for insight into continuous process improvement and maximum savings. Shippers can graph, map, trend, and model their operations. “Many manufacturers use CTSI-Global as an extension of their logistics BI reporting tools and accounting processes as well as integration to FAP and other systems.

It’s more cost-effective to hire someone who specializes in all our services than reinventing the wheel themselves,” asserts Hazen.

Many manufacturers use CTSI-Global as an extension of their logistics BI reporting tools and accounting processes

Using data gained throughout these processes, CTSI-Global provides Strategic Consulting to improve client results further by consulting in all key areas of interest, including benchmarking, rate negotiations, KPI management, bid preparation, and global network design. According to Hazen, “Two Fortune 10 companies have elected to use our services in the past 15 months due to the robust nature of our business intelligence helping them to make better business decisions.”

CTSI-Global fully supports its global vision. “Seventy-five percent of all our new clients have a global presence,” says Hazen. The company’s technology solutions improve performance levels and decrease transportation costs for clients around the globe. These solutions can be customized to each client’s global business requirements, including processing in many currencies and languages as well as paying international duties and taxes. The company’s global headquarters is in Memphis, but it also has hubs in Atlanta and Austin as well as its APAC Operations in Singapore, EMEA Operations in Limerick, Ireland, and South Asia Operations in Chennai, India.

Manufacturers require timely, accurate, and complete visibility into their shipping costs and activities to manage their transportation spend and KPIs. Investing in end-to-end supply chain solutions helps to optimize spending, automate processes, and improve visibility to support a competitive position in the national or global marketplace. CTSI-Global offers total logistics technology and intelligence and is trusted to process 12 billion in freight dollars each year.