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Cloud Logistics: Enhancing Supply Chain with the Power of the Cloud

Mark Nix, CEO, Cloud LogisticsMark Nix, CEO
The manufacturing arena witnessed a significant transformation when units began to drift from conventional, paper-based supply chain routines to newer, more technology-driven methods. Even with the advent of phone, email and spreadsheets, huge communication gaps, poor visibility in inventory-movement, and lack of appropriate alerting and reporting systems were dragging down businesses. A vast proportion of North American companies started to give up on these traditional deployments, as opposed to revamping their existing solutions. This propelled Mark Nix, with 31 years of logistics-software experience in his bag, to launch Cloud Logistics. “We decided to start from scratch and reinvent the Transportation Management System (TMS) industry using newer technology with open source architecture and a modern UI while adding social instant messaging and mobile applications,” opens Nix, CEO, Cloud Logistics. Deep industry experience and a thorough understanding of the market trends in logistics technology, gives Cloud Logistics an edge over its competitors—in turn proffering success to their clientele.

Cloud Logistics saves manufacturers from five percent to 25 percent of their freight expenditure, improving manual efficiencies by 70 percent. The West Palm Beach, FL based provider specializes in automation of transport operations and optimal selection of contracted carrier for each move. “We can now take manufacturing clients live in 60 days collaborating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration with carriers,” Nix evinces on the solution’s expeditious capabilities. The ‘Same Day TMS’ solution is a process model where the entire setup is ready to go live in a single day.

Manufacturing clients are entitled to the two-forked benefits of Cloud Logistics—inbound and outbound. The vendor portal on the inbound side allows raw material suppliers to track the movement of inventory levels.

Cloud Logistics saves manufacturers from 5 to 25 percent of their freight expenditure, improving manual efficiencies by 70 percent

Whereas, the outbound solutions cater to an array of management functionalities—from common carriers, 3PL’s (Third-Party Logistics) to private fleets. They provide dedicated delivery operations where items are tracked, rated and are audited on the way to the customers. The match-pay module comprising of pre-programmed spot bids with carriers, enable CFOs with real time freight accruals.

A large automotive supplier faced operational complications with their unabridged framework comprising of eight disparate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. When Cloud Logistics came into the picture, their transportation data was integrated within Cloud Logistics. An immediate freight reduction of six percent and improved productivity of 70 percent was reported during the first year of its deployment.

Cloud Logistics’s industry-specific capabilities to meet the demands in transportation network come with a complete visibility to raw materials and to the store shelf. Manufacturers are empowered with prompt alerting systems to make reporting analysis and mark areas for strategic improvement. Additionally, load optimization and carrier selection optimization solutions have led to an overall reduction in freight cost.

Cloud Logistics, which incorporates an all-encompassing cloud framework, owes its name to the same fact, and is looking forward to expanding its horizons in the next four years, making headway in the manufacturing sector. “The next generation appointment-scheduling prototype and Rate Procurement Manager (RPM solution) are expected to hit the markets in Q2 of 2016 assisting manufacturers in their quest for automation of annual carrier contract negotiations,” assures Nix. “Our 4-digit revenue growth continues to expand our incredible team around the globe as we become the best value in the TMS industry with our modern technology and approach.