CGN Global: TADA-Revealing the Invisible

CGN Global: TADA-Revealing the Invisible

Seshadri Guha, Founder, CGN GlobalSeshadri Guha, Founder
“Information, insight, and intelligence are the new currency of competition,” proclaims Seshadri Guha, founder and wizard behind TADA. In this brave new world, firms will compete on their ability to operationalize strategy across their enterprise. Business transformation is upon us and to maintain competitive advantage, businesses need to quickly connect disparate silos of information and efficiently utilize new sources of data to shape intelligent response. TADA, an anagram for “data”, is a brave, bold, revolutionary executive operating system helping customers do just that.

TADA is an innovative technology platform that connects and compacts organizational thinking to turn business complexity into an advantage. “By harnessing the lexicon of their business, it allows leaders to have insight into the disparate silos of their organization, such that they can make strategic and informed decisions,” suggests Guha. In fast changing business environments, decision makers should be able to extract information from varied systems to overcome today’s challenges and seize the opportunity of tomorrow.

The genesis of TADA helped the United States military gain visibility to their theater of war, identifying risks, assets, threats, logistics, and opportunities. Founder, Seshadri Guha, was so compelled by this notion that he sought to bring this unique solution to industry. Today, TADA is used by Fortune 100 companies to quickly harmonize and integrate data from different sources, creating a shared vision of the business battlescape.

Due to its seamless design and cloud computing, TADA allows users to continuously share, review, and collaborate on multiple devices in any location.

For the past twenty years, CGN Global has been optimizing supply chains, streamlining processes, and enhancing operational efficiencies

“The invisible is now revealed, helping to decrease costs and increase profit,” continues Guha. “There are so many ‘Aha!’ moments for a first time user of TADA. Their whole way of thinking shifts. It’s quite exciting!” he notes.

The platform is designed to swiftly provide visual, interactive, and intuitive access to actionable information. It blurs the lines between data, design, and discovery, allowing users to continuously share, enhance, and configure information. It’s not only differentiated in its performance measured on dimensions of cost, speed, flexibility, and scalability, but its business value measured in intuitive delivery to targeted users.

TADA comes with a team of industry experts from CGN Global. For the past twenty years, CGN Global has been “optimizing supply chains, streamlining processes, and enhancing operational efficiencies,” notes Guha. With team members trained in statistical analysis and problem solving techniques, the combination of CGN Global’s thought leadership and proprietary technology offers solutions rooted in Lean Six Sigma and the science of supply chains.

CGN Global’s breakthrough technology platform, TADA, is helping manufacturers assess their supply chain effectiveness, maximize supplier performance, and increase profitability. “Economic competitiveness leads to the growth and health of the global economy, and by making firms globally competitive, we make the world a better place; one firm at a time,” concludes Guha.