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Avetta: Suppliers and Contractors under One Umbrella

John Herr, CEO, AvettaJohn Herr, CEO
John Herr–a technology veteran and CEO of Avetta– observes that globalization, outsourcing, increasing regulatory compliance, supply chain sustainability, and transparency as well as continuity, are major tailwinds that enhances the structural growth for Avetta. The firm is a global leader in the supply chain risk management landscape and has its presence in over 120 countries. Avetta offers a unique supply chain risk management platform that brings large enterprises as well as global suppliers and contractors under one umbrella. All vendors, suppliers, and contractors are thoroughly vetted against security, risk management, and other parameters, thereby providing quality options to businesses in a world that is replete with choices. Avetta’s platform makes the supply chain ecosystem more transparent, safe, and sustainable. “We connect our 250 large clients to 60,000 active suppliers across the globe. We are growing at an astounding rate of 30 percent per year and lot of it attributes to the global appeal our solutions portfolio has,” says Herr.

Among the many intriguing features of Avetta’s SaaS-based platform, one that stands out, is its simple, fast, and intuitive user experience. This turnkey supply chain platform is an integrated software suite that assists organizations in mitigating risks, managing documents, auditing, employee training, insurance verification, and business intelligence. It single-handedly allays all the supply chain obstacles that large corporations encounter. The platform houses a question engine that allows organizations to seek information from the supplier, allowing them to vet the latter before striking a deal. Furthermore, a blazing fast analytics engine runs on top of the platform that enhances visualization, dashboard drill downs, and reporting. “The perfect mix of ease of access and deep functionalities differentiates our platform from others in the market,” adds Herr. In addition, Avetta offers greater customizability, enabling its customers to handpick the features that best suits their business requirements.

The perfect mix of ease of access and deep functionalities differentiates our platform from others in the market

The firm’s solutions also assist the suppliers to magnify their efficiency in the areas of risk management, safety, and sustainability and therefore cater to a larger audience.

Organizations deploying Avetta’s solutions for the first time get to experience its innovative onboarding and integration process. It begins with a fast-paced implementation, spanning over one or two weeks and is complemented by the system integration process, absorbing the ERP, security, procurement, and other internal systems into Avetta’s platform while taking care of the unique requirements of the organization. Alongside that, a professional support team oversees the entire implementation process and assists the organizations in thwarting the challenges that arise in the initial stages.

There are many success stories that elucidate the unique capabilities of Avetta’s supply chain platform. Herr sheds light on few that provides a sneak peek into their innovative success. One of the large energy companies, Herr says, saved $6 million in a year after implementing Avetta’s solution. Avetta’s SaaS platform enhanced the productivity of the energy company, leading to a better ROI. Another client of Avetta operating in the communications sector struggled with numerous supply chain fatalities. However, after Avetta’s solutions were deployed, the numbers dropped to zero. The firm also worked closely with one of their clients in the construction industry and assisted them to streamline their performance review strategies. These examples stand testimony to the fact that Avetta is invested in saving cost for organizations, bringing suppliers and businesses together, and palliate every supply chain issue.

Rebranded from PICS to Avetta, the firm endeavors to strengthen its product line by accommodating new functionalities that resonate through various industry verticals. With its global presence augmenting with each passing day, Avetta is poised for immense organizational growth in the forthcoming years.